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Contemporary Geometric Tiles

Travelling this summer I realized contemporary geometric tiles are very trendy. Tile is back! It was everywhere, in the hotel lobbies, in restaurants, in magazines and in the shops. Not just mosaic tile but colorful tile in bold geometric patterns.


/Via Pinterest/

For those seeking to make a statement in their home, contemporary geometric tiles are an excellent option. With endless choices in regard to configuration these tiles offer the possibility of creating a truly custom floor, just for you. The tiles are available in myriad of materials including cement, marble, ceramic,  and even vinyl! I just need a place to install them. Take a look at these pretty little tiles.


Cement Tiles


  Cement tiles by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Cement Tiles


Cement  tiles by Petit Pan Paris



 Ceramic Tiles via Domain Home 


/Via Pinterest/

 More beautiful ceramic tile





 Vinyl Tile by Murafloor

Besides being gorgeous there are many other benefits associated with these contemporary geometric tiles. One of the main benefits is that tile flooring is low maintenance ; it does not require the use of special cleaning solutions, it tends to be stain resistant and spills can be wiped easily. The ease of installation is another advantage associated with tile. Often, the flooring installation involves nothing more than peeling a protective backing from each tile and setting it in place. This makes it possible for homeowners to do the job themselves, which can save a great deal of money.

These Contemporary geometric tiles are not only a feast for the eyes but they are also versatile.  With the amount of amazing patterns and colors available in the market currently, tile floors  can be used in nearly any room.  I am in love!





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  1. Lynn G. Shepard

    I am an Interior Designer in Dayton, Ohio Where are your showrooms?
    How do I get information about your products.
    Thank you.

    • SandraMonMa

      Dear Lynn, Thank you so much for reading my post and your interest in the geometric tiles. I am an interior designer as well and do not sell the products. If you follow the blue links on my post they will take you to the sites where the products can be purchased. Some are European sites, though and you might have to call them.
      Hope this helps!

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