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Contemporary kitchen design

I was going through one of my design magazines and I came across one of my favorite German kitchen manufacturers: Bulthaup. I found their “b2” kitchen concept to be quite unique and interesting especially because it rethinks contemporary kitchen design and cooking.

Their contemporary kitchen design revolves around three key elements: the kitchen workbench, the cooktop and water point and the tool cabinets which house the appliances and kitchen ware. This is a new approach to the open kitchen concept: it revolves around the premise that you concentrate on the essentials. The tool cabinets were precisely designed to store the essentials. I am thinking about my own kitchen and how to fit all of my beloved pots, pans, and my “thousand kitchen essentials” into one compressed space. It would be kind of liberating, though,  to get rid of most of it and stick to the essentials;  it would  be an interesting exercise….

Contemporary Kitchen- workbench and tool cabinet


Tool Cabinets and Workbench

Contemporary Kitchen2


Tool cabinet closed- it looks like a piece of furniture!

Each of the three key elements is flexible and is a piece of furniture on its own. All three items can be recombined and moved and if needed new pieces can be added. The advantage of this contemporary kitchen design concept is that it allows total flexibility. Imagine re-arranging your kitchen according to your mood! I love the fact that we all have endless options as to contemporary kitchen design and Bulthaup offers an innovative alternative for small spaces and/or those who are minimalist at heart. As for me, I am not sure I could de-clutter my kitchen enough, so that I could fit my kitchen essentials into a couple of pieces of furniture. How about you ?

Contemporary Kitchen


Workbench with cooktop and water point

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