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Decorating large spaces

Decorating large spaces can be a challenge- but what a fun challenge! You get to buy all the furniture you want and even more. If you are looking to design your large – full of possibilities space- here are 5 tips that will make your space functional and beautiful:

1. Divide your space into smaller areas according to function. Creating small areas within your space will make the room feel cozier and will allow you to make good use of  your space. Identify which tasks will be performed in your room and divide your room into smaller areas accordingly. Larger rooms can be used as so much more than a sitting room; perhaps you need more than one conversation area, or a writing desk or a media area, or a reading area or even a game table? Once you have decided what your needs are for this particular room, you will have determined the general layout of this room.

Decorating large spaces

/Via Houzz- Silvan Floors /

Extra area with desk

Decorating large spaces

/Via Houzz-jamesthomas LLC/

More than one conversation area

Decorating large spaces

/Via Houzz- Martha O’Hara Interiors/

Extra reading area

2. Visually divide your large space into smaller areas. There are many ways to visually divide a space: area rugs, wallpaper, screens, bookshelves, console tables, a large bench, plants, or even a sofa with its back to a second seating arrangement can aid you in visually creating smaller spaces. A modern daybed or large bench is a one of my favorite ways to visually divide a large space. These modern benches can be beautiful and very functional pieces of furniture as they can be used for several purposes in your space. A daybed floating between two furniture arrangements can divide your space into two smaller areas while allowing versatile extra seating. I especially love the backless aspect of the design of these benches because they keep the overall design of the room clean, modern and airy.

Decortaing large rooms.Couture Haus Interior Design.

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Sofa and console table dividing a second seating arrangement

Decorating large spaces.Couture Haus Inetrior Design.

/Via Houzz- Museinteriors /

A modern daybed is a great way to divide a large space into smaller areas

Decorating large spaces. Couture Haus Interior Design.

/Via Houzz- Kimberly Seldon Design Group/

A beautiful screen with built in desk serves as a room divider

3. Pick the right scale for your furniture. The scale of your furniture will have a big impact on the overall look of your room. Consider a large sofa, a sectional, a large coffee table or an over-sized ottoman to anchor the room and drive your design. The smaller pieces of furniture can then be placed around these larger pieces to complete the room. If you have high ceilings consider tall furniture; a taller bookcase, large artwork or tall accessories, which will help direct the eyes upward and make your room look more balanced and feel cozier.

Decorating large spaces. Couture Haus Interior Design.

/Via Houzz- Drozda + others architects/

A large scale sofa or sectional can anchor your large space

Decorating large spaces. Couture Haus Interior Design.

/Via houzz- Nest Architectural Design/

Large scale art is the perfect way to finish your space

4. Use color, pattern and texture to bring warmth and add interest to your space. Great expanses of wall space can be made interesting by simply adding wainscoting or adding wall paper or just picking the right paint color. Painting your ceiling one or two shades darker than the walls will make the room appear smaller. Or be daring, and paint the ceiling in that dark, rich color you love – this will not only make your ceiling more interesting but it will visually bring the ceiling to a  lower level.

Decorating large spaces. Couture Haus Interior Design.

/Via Houzz- Steven Gambrel Time and Place/

A painted ceiling can make a room appear smaller and cozier

5. Add layers to your room to make it feel warm and cozy. Dress your windows with amazing window treatments and pair them with shades. Add different textured rugs and different size rugs to your space to visually divide the space and add warmth. Top everything with rich fabrics and beautiful pillows. Finish your space with textured accessories and interesting large scale art. Introduce soft lighting- add enough floor or table lamps to make sure you don’t have dark areas in your space.

Decorating large spaces. Couture Haus Interior Design.

/Via Houzz- Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design/

Textured rugs and rich fabrics can add warmth to your large room

Have fun decorating your large – full of possibilities space! Decorating large spaces does not have to be a daunting task anymore. You don’t have to compromise functionality or looks when designing your own large space. Be creative, get inspired and follow some of our smart ideas.

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