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Decorating small spaces

Decorating small spaces can be a challenge. The good news is you don’t have to compromise functionality or looks when designing your own space. If you are looking to design your small space so that is not only functional but it is also pleasing to the eye, here are 7 tips that will get the most out of your square footage:

1. Use small scale furniture appropriate for the space.

Designing small spaces.

/Via Antonio Martins Interior Design/


2. Don’t use dark paint colors. Use lighter paint colors or neutrals that will act as a blank canvas for artwork and furniture.

designing small spaces.

/Via Sarah Phillips Design/


3. Use multipurpose furniture such as ottomans, which can be used as a coffee table, extra seating and storage- all at once!

designing small spaces.

/Via Houzz- Mascheroni Construction/


4. Strategically place an oversized mirror on the wall. This will not only add some sparkle to your room but it will bring extra light and give you a sense of depth that will make your room appear larger.

designing small spaces.

/Via Zephyr Interiors/


5. De-clutter and stick to the essentials. Get rid of all the superfluous bric –a-brac and anything that is not adding to the functionality or look of the room. Less is more.

designing small spaces.

/Via Juliette Byrne/


6. Create a feeling of height by bringing the eye upward. Paint or wallpaper your ceiling to make it  an interesting part of the design. This will drive the eyes upward, and create the illusion height, therefor making your space feel larger.

designing small spaces

/Via Malcom Duffin Designs/


7. Savvy space-saving storage solutions are critical in a small space. Having a place to store your treasures and necessities so that they are out of the way will make your space more functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Check out this super creative storage solution in a NY apartment.

designing small spaces.

/Via Houzz- Specht Harpman Architects/


Be creative, get inspired and follow some of our smart space maximizing ideas. Designing small spaces can be a fun challenge!


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