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Design trends for 2016

One of my good German friends just sent me a fun trend booklet from an international fair she attended in Frankfurt, Germany. Ute and I used to work together and would travel the world looking for trends that we could then use to develop products for the cosmetic industry. Now that I have reinvented myself as an interior designer, I find that this part of my previous life always comes in handy when looking at designing spaces. Trendy new materials, interesting new products, fun color palettes- how can you not get excited about what is coming in the design milieu?
Yes! so back to the trend booklet…..It gives insight on design trends for 2016 and how they are translated into color and product design. Below my favorite concept:

Expressive way

Spontaneous and creative, this design trend is marked by the use of powerful colors, natural materials and innovative design intended for everyday use. A wonderful and fun color palette is used to create exciting new products. Interesting ideas come to life in this design concept. These products exhibit vibrant color combinations and are the embodiment of perfection in both use of materials and execution.

Trendy colors for 2016. Couture Haus Interior Design.

What kind of products can we expect in the future? What are the design trends for 2016?

1) Fun products with a creative play of color

Design trends for 2016. Couture Haus Interior Design.


This piece titled “Sand Chair” was designed by a young Swiss-born team called Kueng Caputo. This chair is made of a mixture of sand and mortar. Layers are poured into a given shape and then finished with the help of a hammer and chisel. Due to their durable material composition, these stools may function as useful and colorful furniture pieces for indoor or outdoor use.

2) Natural materials used in an innovative way



Wax tiles- These wax tile created by London based Norwegian designer Kim Thome are made from 168 melted coloring crayons. The crayons are initially arranged by tone and then heat is applied to melt each group of pigments into the next. This process allows the artist to create unique patterns, colours and shapes. No tile is like the other.

3) Clever products ideas and simple design solutions for everyday life

Design Trends for 2016. Couture Haus Interior Design.


This T-shirt chair designed by Maria Westerberg, is made out of a collection of old t-shirts. Clever- definitely! and fun too….

I love it when creative design can inspire us and works of art turn into functional products, don’t you?

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