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Modern farmhouse

The Couture Haus Design Team just finished working on a wonderful, modern farmhouse project in North Raleigh. When our client first contacted us the house was being built, and architect and builder were working hard to turn our client’s vision into a reality.

As part of the team, our briefing was to artfully marry modern, clean lines with a warm farmhouse feel. The space had to exude a certain elegance and sophistication without being stiff or cold,  it had to be eclectic and interesting without being distracting, but most importantly it had to be functional and allow the family to perform everyday tasks efficiently.

The perfect  job for Couture Haus! Our clients and their builder were amazing to work with and the result is a beautiful, functional space that perfectly blends modern design with vintage farmhouse style.  Our interior design accents the amazing architectural details throughout the house. Modern materials, unique lighting fixtures, sophisticated fabrics in subtle patterns  and wonderful textural elements lend the elegant look our client was looking for, while keeping the space warm and inviting.

This amazing modern farmhouse is featured in the June/July 2015 edition of the Urban Home Magazine for the Raleigh, Durham Area.

modern farmhouse. Couture Haus Interior Design.

/Via Triangle Urban Home Magazine/

If you want to see more of this beautiful house click this link:

This project is one of those projects I have to put in my “feed my soul” category! Love  this amazing modern farmhouse,  how about you?

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