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Modern Floorcloths

While working on a project for one of my clients who wanted to replace her current floorcloth for a more up-to-date, modern one, I came across my good friend Marianne Logan, who owns Luminous Floorcloths. Her modern floorcloths are absolutely amazing!  I was blown away by her use of color, artistry and her sense for detail in every single one of her pieces.



/Via Luminous Floorcloths/

Teardrop Collection-Luminous Floorcloths


Floorcloths were initially created in France in the fourteen hundreds and by the seventeen and eighteen hundreds they had become popular in America. In the 1800’s linoleum became popular and quickly replaced floorcloths as a common floor covering; since then they have been used sparingly as part of the home décor. I say it is time to revive the use of the floorcloths at home! They are a beautiful, practical and durable alternative to area rugs. They come in many shapes, colors and designs and the ones from Luminous Floorcloths are minimalistic, elegant and modern. Trés chic!



/Via Luminous Floorcloths/

Starburst Collection-Luminous Floorcloths


The floorcloths from Luminous Floorcloths are made with #4 Duck Canvas, which is more tightly woven and heavier than plain canvas. These characteristics add significantly to their durability, their ability to lay flat on the floor as well as their capacity to stand up to heavy traffic As they can easily be cleaned, they are ideal for placement in an entry way, under the dining room table, in front of the kitchen sink or stove and anywhere else that could benefit from a unique accent rug.



/Via Luminous Floorcloths/

Gold Drum Collection-Luminous Floorcloths


These modern floorcloths are made with metallic/opalescent and interference paint to create luminosity. Luminosity is light, which is believed to soothe and improve people’s mood. Adding luminous colors to them compliments the other textures and colors of the room, brightening and enhancing any room’s atmosphere. By pairing transparent/translucent colors with beautiful metallic colors, Marianne adds unmatched interest and beauty to her floorcloths. Additionally, she hand stamps patterns on them, a slow and labor intensive process, that  yields nevertheless exquisite results.



/Via Luminous Floorcloths/

Peacock Tree Collection-Luminous Floorcloths

 Durable. Practical. Beautiful.  You take a look at these amazing, modern floorcloths and tell me what you think. Aren’t they absolutely breathtaking?



/Via Luminous Floorcloths/

Shards Celery Collection-Luminous Floorcloths

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