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Trendy color for 2014

Green  is one of my favorite colors; I especially love using it to decorate interiors.  Green, is definitely a trendy color for 2014; there are  gorgeous pieces of furniture and accessories in the most diverse shades of green. Green is not only a beautiful color but it has many positive psychological connotations.  The color green is considered the color of peace and ecology. It’s a tranquil and refreshing color with a natural balance of cool and warm undertones. Green is soothing and relaxes the mind and body; it creates feelings of comfort, calmness and harmony. Green comes in hundreds of different shades, all of which have a different psychological impact on people and allows you-the homeowner- to use your favorite shade and create your own mood. The possibilities are endless.

I am inspired by green, a the trendy color for 2014; one look out of the window here in the South of France and all you can see is expanses of lush green in every shade known to man that lead right up to the bluest of seas. The color green is speaking to me and I can see it everywhere!  I want to share with you my favorite pieces of furniture and accessories in different shades of green and let you pick your favorite. Which one would you pick for your home?

Emerald green bed from Superba


Bay bed in emerald green by Grand Luxe by Superba



 Bell Coffee Table from ClassiCon



 Gimme Shelter Sofa from  Diesel with Moroso



 Anna Gr Bar Cabinet by Worlds Away



 Vania Table Lamp in antalia green from Barovier & Toso

Green is not only a trendy color for 2014 but also a beautiful color when thinking about furniture and interior  design. I want  all of these amazing pieces!

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