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Updating your Staircase


The staircase is an important architectural element in a home. It not only connects one floor to another, but it is a crucial design element and sets the tone for your home. Below some recent stair updates by Couture Haus and some other ideas on how to turn your dated, old looking staircase into a show stopper.

If you are looking to update your staircase without completely gutting it and starting from scratch, here are a couple of tips you should consider in order to achieve the wow effect. Updating your staircase dose not have to be costly or boring…

     1. Update your baluster

a.  Replace your wood baluster for a wrought iron one!

Updated staircase. couture haus interior design.

/Couture Haus Interior Design/

b. Go for a fabulous laser-cut steel railing.

Elliott Bay House

/Elliott Bay House/

c. Try an unusual shape for the baluster; for example this wonderful geometric baluster in steel and wood!


/Photo by Jeff King & Company /

2. Highlight your risers- They don’t have to be boring!

a. Cover your risers in your favorite wallpaper- It is easy and the result is amazing



transitional foyer with modern touches in a neutral color scheme. Couture Haus Interior Design. Raleigh.

/Couture Haus Interior Design/


b. Paint your risers in different colors

Traditional Estate Home

/Photo by Polsky Perlstein Architects/


c. Tile your risers with fun tiles

Eclectic Staircase

/Via Houzz/

3. Show off your treads

a. Paint them in a fun color

Stern Turner Home

/Stern Turner Home/

b. Install a wonderful runner

Updated staircase. couture haus interior design.

/Couture Haus Interior Design/

Updated staircase. couture haus interior design.

/Couture Haus Interior Design/

Updating your staircase can be a fun and easy project. Your staircase is one of the elements that sets the tone for the rest of your home decor.
Make sure it reflects your personality and it is perfectly you.
 Have fun with your project! I am loving some of the ideas, how about you?
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