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Your Bedroom Should Be Your Sanctuary

A place to cozy up, wind down, and relax after a hard day at work. Unfortunately, many people neglect this room. If you dream of creating the perfect bedroom but are not sure how to achieve the look and feel, Couture Haus is here to help.

We offer bedroom interior design services in Durham, NC. Give us a call today if you want professional help designing a bedroom that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Our Bedroom Design Services

Here at Couture Haus, we customize our design services to fit exactly what you need. We have four different kinds of services for different levels of work, including:

  • Room refreshing: Do you feel your bedroom is missing that special touch or wow factor? We’ll help you find the finishing touches you need, like a new rug, new paint, or new lighting.
  • Room redesigns: If your bedroom really isn’t doing it for you, we can update the entire space. We can either use your existing furniture in a new, beautiful way, or we can start with a blank slate with all new furniture, flooring, and décor.
  • Room renovations: If you are redoing your bedroom and would love to change the layout by removing walls, we can help. We will provide drawings, floor plans, and 3D renderings of your beautiful new space.
  • New construction: If you’re building a new home and you need help designing the perfect bedroom, we’ll work with you and your budget to choose flooring, lighting, paint palettes, décor, and furniture.

Here at Couture Haus, our only goal is to help you bring your dream bedroom to life for a price that you can afford. No matter what level of assistance you need, we’ll use our extensive experience to design a bedroom that matches your vision.

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Our Experience

Sandra Moncada Mainz was born, raised, and educated in many different countries, so she relies on all of her experience, along with her knowledge of proven and new design trends, to help you design the home you want. She’s worked as an industrial engineer and interior designer, so she’ll ensure that each room in your home is beautiful, comfortable, and functional.

Call Couture Haus today at 919-426-8851 for bedroom interior design services.

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If you have been seeking professional guidance for your vision or need help with how to design a space, talk with The Couture Haus during a free session.

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