Kitchen Trends for 2018

To me the kitchen is the most important part of the home, a place where meals are prepared to show love and where all the fun gatherings gravitate to. It is the place where you start your day with breakfast and where you finish your day as well. What a better way to start and finish your day than in a highly functional and beautiful kitchen? If you are trying to convince your husband to remodel the kitchen, here are some kitchen trends for 2018 that you should take into consideration to really wow him and make your dream kitchen become a reality:

1) Kitchen islands are not two tiered anymore but instead, tend to be single level counter height islands and over proportional. This new type of kitchen island is meant as a gathering place; a place to be used not only for prepping but also where families can have their meals without compromising on true family time and atmosphere. These islands are perfectly in line with an open layout floor plan and allow light to seamlessly stream through a space.

Photo by Pickell Architecture

2) Kitchen counter tops tend to be less fuzzy and more uni color or with larger veining; they are a very important part of the design of a kitchen and set the tone for the space. While granite continues to be a very popular material when it comes to kitchen counters, there are other materials that are gaining popularity because of their modern, clean look. Engineered quartz countertops, which come in a variety of colors and don’t require sealing, have become a popular alternative to granite. Stainless steel, a longtime staple of commercial kitchens thanks to its heat-resistant and hygienic properties, can give your space that cool, bachelor style clean look. Marble, limestone and slate are also statement-making materials that allow for a modern look and that work with any other accessories you want in your dream kitchen.

Photo by Arizona Tile

3) Open kitchen shelves instead of wall cabinetry is the new hot trend that will soon take up your whole Pinterest page. I’ve always lived by the motto “less is more”, and I was right, as made apparent by this minimalist trend. Upper cabinetry continues to come down as homeowners opt for the open, airy look of additional windows or choose to display dishware and artwork on open shelves. I particularly love the look and its hidden magic; you have room to hide the things you truly need and your kitchen has the modern, chic, clean look. This might be a first step in seriously decluttering your kitchen for that New Year’s resolution that you had; the less space you have to store things, the less things you have…

Photo by A.Jennison Interiors

4) This year the two-toned kitchen is one of the growing kitchen trends as we see a shift toward warmer spaces incorporating natural wood and richer hues. I am a big fan of white, minimalist kitchens and this two-toned kitchen trend is a perfect way to add color while maintaining a bright and airy feel. We have seen a lot of the two-toned kitchens this past year with homeowners pairing white cabinets with grey and black islands. These color pairings are beautiful, but you can also venture out with bolder colors, like green, blue, and black tones. With so many wonderful options out there, pick a color palette that suits your taste and design aesthetic.

Photo by Heidi Caillier Design

5) Range hoods have become a focal point in a kitchen and an integral part of the design. Yes, there is a practical reason for having them (ventilation) but they’re also meant to add some ooh’s and ahh’s in your home. For example, a stainless steel hood is a classic choice for any kitchen, their sleek appearance and unadorned geometry are the perfect way to turn your kitchen into a chef’s haven. On the other hand, if you want to instantly give your kitchen a classically luxurious feel, a fabulous range hood can work just as well in transitional and transitional kitchens, and even in contemporary ones.

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