Do I really need an interior designer? I get this question from friends and customers very frequently; some are looking into major remodeling projects and others are simply wanting to redecorate their house or parts of their house. My answer to this question is always YES, you do need an interior designer! An interior designer will literally become your best friend, she/he can guide through the process from beginning to end and help you make the best decisions for your family’s lifestyle, budget and taste. The end goal of every interior designer is to make you happy, and how do we achieve this? By designing spaces that you love and making the design process enjoyable at the same time. So, how can an interior designer help you? Here are 6 reasons why you should hire an interior designer and why they are worth the investment:

1. A designer can help you plan your space out. No matter the size of your project, a designer can help you see your space through a new lens, our job is to find avenues to bring out the full potential of your space in exciting and unexpected ways. Designers are trained to think spatially so we understand how certain elements may change the functionality, look and feel of a room. We can suggest new ideas for space planning or furniture placement and anticipate problems before they cost you frustration, time and money.


Case Study: Couture Haus was contacted by this client to help with a kitchen renovation. Her vision was to fully renovate the kitchen and enlarge it by removing a wall. After in-depth conversations with our client (and the family) we all realized that the space was not working for the family’s needs or lifestyle and that we had to look at a bigger picture. We were commissioned to create a new floor plan that  incorporated all their needs and wants. Here is the end product: open floor plan with all the bells and whistles and a happy client!

 2.  A designer can help you define your style. Most homeowners know if their design style is traditional, modern or transitional but they do not know how translate their vision and bring it to life. A designer can help you define what it is that you are truly attracted to and why.  She/He takes your input, interprets the mental picture you have of your space in your mind, throws in her/his own creativity and expertise and Viola– there is your stunning, dream space.

A good designer respects your design style rather than imposing his or her design style on you. Our mission as designers is to listen to you, take your input and guide you so that together we can create your dream space. Every client is unique, and it should be kept that way!

3A designer can help you sort through what you really want vs. what you really need. An interior designer can help you prioritize and make decisions as to what items in your wish list will make the largest impact and which will actually make a negative impact on the final product. It is definitely your wish list but there are instances where your wants clash with the desired outcome and achieving your vision. Those oversize, comfy chairs that you really want for your bedroom might impede the traffic flow into the master bathroom; if you get up at night when it is dark you might bump into them. A designer can identify issues before they arise and make suggestions as to how a space might function better or look better.

Case Study: Couture Haus was contacted by this client to help with a whole house renovation. The client’s vision was to modernize the home and give it a minimalist, open feel. To achieve this, our client’s favorite alternative was to tear a wall down between the family room and the kitchen. After working on different floor plan options and going through the cost-benefit of each alternative with our client, we decided not to tear the wall down. Instead, we found out that what really bothered our client was the fact that the wall had a rounded niche and did not have enough light. The kitchen-living space was indeed open enough, so we just took the niche out by installing drywall over it, and  putting some can lights along the hallway. A light grey paint color, white trim and artwork complete the look!

4A designer can help you avoid many costly mistakes. An interior designer can help you organize your project, and help you plan every aspect of it. From planning your space and making sure the extra-large shower with bench you desire actually fits, to drawing 3D renderings to help you visualize the end result, to working hand in hand with specialized contractors and helping you pick out the right finishes, appliances, furniture, fabrics and accessories. Of course, hiring a designer means you are paying an extra cost but rectification of design hiccups may be even more expensive, time consuming and frustrating.

From space planning, to concept development to implementation, an interior designer can help you put it all together!

5A designer has access to furniture, lighting, fabrics, finishes and many other “to the trade only” products, which a normal consumer has no access to. Even though in today’s world there are a myriad of local stores, boutiques and online stores, you may still not find what you are looking for. The “to-the trade” only stores cater to the interior design professional or members of the architectural trade. Having your interior designer shop for you will insure that you get that special piece in the finish and size you desire. And, if there are problems with your items, your designer take care of it.

6. The fabulous contractor does not replace a designer. Contractors are doers – they do what you ask them to according to a design that you’ve provided them. Some may offer advice, but most will take your plans and implement them. This means, there are no discussions on whether what you planned works for your home, your family or your lifestyle. If what you need is a sparring partner and guide, then an interior designer is whom you should hire. An interior designer will create different design concepts for you and will help you decide which of them suit your personality and lifestyle.

All in All, I think there is no better investment than hiring an interior designer if you desire a home that is functional, designed to cater to your every need and reflects your taste and lifestyle.

Any comments or thoughts?  We would love to hear from you.


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