We have seen a lot of clean subway tile used in kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms floors and walls these past few years. Is subway tile actually on its way out? No, subway tile is timeless, it looks great with a lot of design styles and you can never go wrong with it. On the other hand, we have seen so much of it that it might seem a bit overused and you might want to look at exciting new tile options … Below are 6 tile trends for 2018 that will give your kitchen or bathroom the WOW effect. Read our article before you decide on the subway tile for you renovation project and get some inspiring ideas. We hope your renovation project turns out fabulous!

1) Cement tiles- whether used on floors or back splashes these patterned tiles give your space a modern yet Old World look. While traditional cement tile designs are enjoying a revival, new patterns are also gaining in popularity. Designers and manufacturers are updating these tiles with contemporary geometric patterns, giving them a second life through a more versatile look. These beautiful patterned tiles are an excellent complement to an otherwise plain white or neutral color scheme. These tiles bring that wow effect that transforms any room instantly. Vintage, bohemian inspired tiles have been popular choices for kitchen and bathroom floors over the past few years in both repeated and mixed pattern variations, and are here to stay in 2018.

2)The Dark Side- Darker color options are coming in 2018; don’t be afraid to use one of these darker tiles color schemes for your bathroom or kitchen. The darker tones are great if you want to create a very luxurious look with lots of personality; paired with light tones it creates a very elegant and dramatic effect.

3) Deconstructed- A key trend this year is the deconstructed trend. In this trend shapes are broken down and reconstructed to create a format that transcends the typical rectilinear configuration of tile. These geometric prints are stylish statements wherever you place them and their crisp, clean look make them suitable for a myriad of modern interiors.

4) Large scale tiles- This year large scale tiles are even bigger and bolder than in previous years. Requiring special manufacturing techniques bigger and thinner tiles in cement, terrazzo, marble, ceramic, glass and even timber-look are being produced and installed around the world as they create minimalist, clean, uninterrupted areas with depth and space.

5) Botanical and Florals- Tiles come in beautiful botanical and floral designs that can give a space an instant wow effect: some designs look like they have been hand painted, giving floors and walls a wonderful hand made touch and instant elegance. These walls are typically individual tiles that are installed together to create a larger picture, a mural like floral or botanical installation.

6) Geometric tiles- Geometric tiles have made a resurgence in recent times and they come in myriad of shapes, colors and materials. Tile trends for 2018 will vary from the traditional rectangle to a variety of other geometric shapes. Geometric shapes and patterns are incredibly versatile and can add a fresh, contemporary look to any space.

With so many marvelous tile options, let your imagination be the limit… Have fun with your renovation project!

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